Kidney diseases are continuously increasing, half of which are prompted because of our erroneous living. This blood purifier of our body gets damaged easily with our unhealthy living habits; however they work hard to sustain even at the time. According to a Chinese Medicinal perspective, a balanced kidney brings trust and wisdom while an imbalanced kidney can bring chaos to your life. There are various ways to balance the energy of the kidneys, such as diet, acupuncture, acupressure, Yoga, Panchkarma, and they make a healthy part of the ayurvedic treatment. But, the holistic approach is the same for every treatment, to keep the kidneys healthy and functional.

The kidney treatment by Yoga can help maintain your wholesome health and improve overall kidney function.

How is yoga beneficial for kidney patients?

The practice of certain asanas, pranayama, and kriyas is very beneficial for internal organs particular to a kidney patient. Asanas gently twist and massage the kidneys and activate kidney meridian which are the energy centers of the kidneys.

Kriyas increase the cleansing capacity of the kidneys and help in the management of fluid retention. After practicing Kriya, one may feel light and energetic as the blood flows to every single cell of the body. Yoga provides relief from the insomnia symptom of kidney disease and offers good rest.

When you rest well, you perform the daily activities well, and internally Yoga regulates the heartbeat.

Yoga for kidney problems

There are various kidney problems which can be cured with the help of some yoga asanas. There are yoga techniques for various kidney problems, and these include:

  • Yoga for high creatinine level
  • Yoga for kidney cancer
  • Yoga for polycystic kidney disease
  • Yoga for kidney infection
  • Yoga for kidneys and liver

Can dialysis patients do yoga?

Yes, kidney patients on dialysis can also practice some of the easy Asanas, which can boost their overall health. Kidney dialysis and yoga can be taken at the same time. Patients who undergo dialysis, Yoga helps them in reducing the pain, sleep disturbance, fatigue, level of creatinine, blood urea, and many more. Yoga undoubtedly regulates cholesterol levels in the body.

But, it is advisable to avoid dialysis during kidney problems and take only Ayurveda.

6-Yoga postures that can improve your overall wellbeing

  1. SALAMBA BHAJANGASNA (Sphinx pose): This is a gentle backbend pose that even a beginner can perform. This posture improves the working of the immune system and strengthens the abdominal organs. This asana benefits your lower back and chest both. It helps in relaxing your kidneys and making their function smooth.
  2. ARDHA MATSYENDRASANA (Sitting half spinal twist): This pose stimulates the functioning of the liver and kidneys. That is why doctors suggest kidney patients practice this asana. This pose is a seated twist post, counted as one in 12 hatha yoga pose. It involves stretching for the outer hips and creates expansion for chest and shoulders. Better digestion, detoxification, and insulin balance are benefits of this asana, which profits your kidneys too.
  3. BHUJANGASANA (Cobra Asana): often called as Cobra pose, this posture is recommended for kidney patients as it boosts immunity and provides relief from stress and fatigue. Abdominal organs are benefitted with position too. This asana is very fruitful for strengthening the spine, alleviating constipation, and stimulating the appetite.
  4. PASCHIMOTTANASANA (Two-leg forward bend): this asana helps in improving digestion and benefits your kidneys. This asana also relieves you from menstrual discomfort. This posture is an intense, stretched asana that regulates the circulation of blood circulation in your body. You should not perform this asana if you have the problem with a slip disc or hernia.
  5. SETU BANDHASANA (Bridge pose): this posture is quite effective in rejuvenating abdominal organs and lungs. It helps you to alleviate stress & anxiety and to maintain your blood pressure and keep it in control. Hypertension is a common effect of kidney ailments. This posture is beneficial for abdominal organs, as well.
  6. NAUKASANA (Boat Pose): This asana is also suggested for you as it improves digestion and reduces stress. It is also beneficial if you want to lose some weight and to strengthen your back muscles. An obese body is an invite for kidney disorders. This posture has multiple benefits for abdominal organs, tired muscles, and distressing mind.

Besides, Yoga, a healthy diet is also crucial for your health improvement. A diet can help reduce cholesterol levels, while yoga can help burn or eliminate the existing waste in the body. Early detection of kidney disease can help in early prevention and your potential recovery process.