Our History

Karma Ayurveda is a pioneer hospital in the field of Ayurveda, which started back in 1937. Based out in Delhi, India and having its arms throughout the world now, we have become the most authentic name in the medical sector with a happy patient history of more than 120000. Back then, when Doctor Arjun Dev Dhawan thought of confronting the ways of Ayurveda, his family members did not support him. But he continued working with diligence and experimented with various herbs that can help improve the function of the kidneys. His efforts paid off the time when one of his patient’s kidneys started rejuvenating with his medications (a combination of herbs). It was the forefather of Doctor Puneet Dhawan, an Ayurveda kidney specialist who passed on his legacy to the coming generations.

Dr. Puneet Dhawan

Doctor Puneet Dhawan is the fifth generation of the Dhawan dynasty, who is spearheading Karma Ayurveda for the last seven years. This hospital has it’s headquartered in Delhi only and nowhere else while providing services throughout the world. He did his graduation in the field of Ayurveda with a purpose to carry the values of his family. Today many patients know him for the work he is doing for the welfare of the society.

Kidney expert Dr. Puneet Dhawan is a sophisticated version of how his family perceived the Ayurveda and new age science. The result is the ayurvedic medicines, which has cured many patients and made them live healthy once again.

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Our Vision

Our vision is simple, to spread more and more about Ayurveda and to "stop kidney dialysis." We believe in making things simple, and we do what we claim and what is authentic. There is no backend theory we use to hide our procedure. Not only making things seem real but making everything comes under your budget.

Our hectic lifestyle and unhealthy way of living are taking us far away from our healthy roots. We have forgotten our origin and it is just a small practice of us to claim what we are, Indians. In today’s time, adolescents or millennials are at a higher risk of kidney disease due to eating habits, adverse environmental conditions, stress, unethical lifestyle, etc. The risk and complications of dialysis have added on to the fatality of those conditions. The treatments like dialysis and transplant come up with detrimental conditions like a weak immune system, infections in the body, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, liver failure, and whatnot. But the solution is one and that is Mother Earth!

Our goal is to make use of organic and herbal compounds in the preparation of the medicines as they are laid down in the Vedic Culture of India. Ayurveda is practiced since the times of Brahma and no treatment like allopathy can withstand the bonafide nature of the herbal treatment.

In addition, we produce or manufacture medicines in the house to reap the maximum effects on the patients. With ayurvedic kidney treatment by Puneet Dhawan, we wish to replace dialysis and kidney transplants completely without letting you compromise on your health.

Our Mission

Every year we hear kidney patients losing their life because they cannot bear the cost that dialysis charge them. Not everyone can afford the cost of dialysis. So does that mean that dialysis is intended only for a few? No, Ayurveda has a hand for everyone; it is not limited to a specific group of people.

There is a number of Ayurvedic Nephrologists in India, but Doctor Puneet Dhawan has something different in him. He is the honorary member of Karma Ayurveda, practicing Ayurveda for the betterment of the patients. He decided to spread the word called Ayurveda in every corner of the world. Somewhat he has successfully completed it, but still so much is left to achieve.

"To make a world free of dialysis is our goal," says Doctor Puneet Dhawan. He also adds that "Although it is hard to get organic and rare herbs, we are planning to make the treatment cheaper as much as we can. Had we merged allopathic touch, the procedure would have been much less expensive. Because we don’t want to compromise with the quality and health of our patients, we are putting our best of the efforts to make the medicines easily accessible for every individual who believes in Ayurveda.

Count on Doctor Puneet Dhawan, the best ayurvedic doctor for a kidney in Delhi, India!

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